My take on economy


What is going on around the planet right now is hard to comprehend at first sight. It seems that all the countries in the western world are not only broke, but all keep on screaming that we are all in debt (?).

How come no one asks ” in debt to who”? If we are all in debt, who do we owe this gazillion of dollars then??? I will expand on that little later.

What I do know is that the old ways of thinking, the industrial  revolution thinking are over.  Time of factory life, producing millions of cars, toys, toasters for ever cheaper than the last one is done.  All this crap being produced on mass seems to be not only worthless, but seriously trashing up our planet. The job market itself is about to implode even more. As more and more jobs are taken over  by machines, more people find themselves with “too much time on their hands”-simply being unemployed.   Job centres are crowded with people of all ages, queening up to get some money from government, maybe enough  to put the heat in their apartment. It does not work my friends, and no one, no matter how brainwashed with “American idol” or “honey boo boo” will tell me otherwise. Something is seriously not right here.

So what is it then? Let`s not dwell upon how miserable our times are and instead ask for solutions. This is what I think:


How about them apples hm?  I don`t know what it is that you like to do, but for God`s sake get up, stop begging for bread crumbs and do something.  What?  Ya, this is not what the establishment and “public fool (school) system” encourages you to do. Get thinking and get to your head that the things around-on the job market will only gown down. Public dough in the form of benefits will be cut sooner than later my friend in the prospect of never ending “wars for democracy” that out MISSleaders are so interested in continuing.

So what is it then huh, you might ask. I don`t know for you my friend, you being on this website probably know what is it that I am planning to do for my living…I want to build cool stuff out of nothing, out of things that represent no value to most people, out of stuff that is destined to go into a landfill and poison this already hurting planet. And…

MAKE A NICE LIVING DOING IT, because let`s face it-no one will survive on sun shines and rainbows. Money is great if you choose to think of it so. It is nor evil nor good, it is just a tool, means of exchange for our labour/energy-the only true value on this earth.

So, mull it over for a minute or two, look at your life and ask yourself: “is that what I want”???  If the answer is no- then get your butt up and do something about it. Period.


Fat beam table

This is one of my favourites, pieces of used, old wood beams-out of barn, or a fat fence is a perfect material for this project. A piece of glass can be the only part that you could actually go and purchase…if you can not find it somewhere else for free:) The joinery is baby simple, you do not even need any professional tools, you can literally make this with a hand saw…

Re purposed pallets

That can make a nice gift for someone. What is most important- you can make it yourself…Plenty of pallets are to be found around the city. The best place to look are big supermarkets, behind-in the loading dock- there are plenty of them. Make sure to collect HT- heat treated ones, NOT MD- chemically treated. Who knows what you end up making out of it..

Go crazy, what the hell.

Some projects I`m working on, kinda take a life of their own. I start with a plan-usually very flexible, and as I go along I tend to change things; from design, to finish, sometime even a purpose of the piece. But this IS the fun, and more important-you are not bound by expensive material…you can mess it up, break it up, use it again or simply find another pallet behind Asda…

There are no limits when you think of it. Given the fact that you can pick up as much material as you wish-free-opens up a whole new can of worms. You can experiment, change, chop and nail whatever you wish and do no harm to anyone or mother earth- your supply was already in the skip, going to be buried in the landfill.



Simple is the way

Simplicity is the key. I am tired of complex, 2345 pieces furniture that takes 1234 pages of manual to put together. Make it yourself and forget about Wall mart:)

Wine boxes are widely available. Try visiting your local wine shop, or make a phone call to the supplier. I purchased some of them from wine shop- at the same time, make a business contact, who knows, maybe one day this wine shop will ask you to make a rustic wine rack for them…

When staining your boxes make sure you use proper stain- designed for the task at hand- making a fruit/veg/garden box will require some food friendly staining.

Boxy ideas…

Room area and some ideas.

There are so many choices out there but haven`t you noticed that not too many of them stand out? You spend hours online or visiting shops just to find the same ideas, most of them build out of chip boards that swell up like a balloon after couple of years-especially in UK and it`s weather.

We all becoming simply bored…bored with mediocre, plain, or just cheap crap produced on mass and design to fall apart just as quick as it was purchased.

If you have some room around the house, basic tools-get up and try to create something, something that will be unique, build it out of real wood, recycled out of very old pine you found in your neighbour`s back yard…

Make it truly yours, a piece so unique no one will ever find another like it-it does not exist. Give it a shot.

Something to start with.

il_570xN.557324727_f78uA kid can do it… I can not stretch enough how much fun these projects are. Imagine wood workers or any artist working with expensive materials, rare wood that cost arm and a leg- you got your material for free for the  most part, all you have to do is go look behind some supermarkets, depots and such, grab a hammer or a crowbar and get cracking. Then you can create whatever it is you want, without any worry that a tiny mistake will cost you a fortune. More over, those projects are supposed to look rusty, old and used, so do not stress over a millimetre short, or too long, a stain being too dark or a nail being visible- do whatever you like, put you heart into it and I am sure there will be someone interested in buying that and putting it on their wall.