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A gold mine around the corner.

Where and how you can get building material for almost everything you plan to build? Look around, there are goldmines everywhere, skips full of 100 year old pine, ripped out of some apartment that is being remodelled, especially if you live in a big city. I find at least two skips full of nice wood every time I go shopping or drive to work, not exaggerating here, there are flats being remodelled everywhere. And the construction team on site will be happy to get rid of some of the skip content for free- just ask them, see what they say.

There are also places where you can buy some amazing used wood pieces, like fat beams, railway sleepers and so on for dirt cheap- and they can even cut them to order saving you time and effort- I found one close to my shop, amazing stuff and cool people-worth giving a try.

Things like nails, screws, stain and hardware you will have to buy. I do not think recycling nails is something that you would like to do. But you can shop smart, to stay on the budget and still get what you need. When you go to B&Q go straight to the sample and scraps section. It is where the employees cut wood to order for some people, or where you can find paint that was returned, and so on. You can score some amazing deals for literally peanuts and thus make your project this much valuable.

After a while you will train your brain to pick up clues and tips, you will start noticing things you have never before paid any attention to, just like being young and afraid of becoming a father-all of a sudden you see pregnant women everywhere:)

Start with four walls.

A woodworking shop needs some space-granted, but to my suprise it does not need a huge room, something the size of an average living room would be sufficient enough to get your business off the ground. It is important to make sure you will be able to have constant access, parking space to deliver materials and load up your projects. But it is also quite important you find your shop in the neighbourhood that will tolerate loud noise of power tools and dust.

You can find a great, affordable place, but the minute you fire off your saw or belt sander-the neighbours will flip out and there you go, you are in trouble even before you managed to make your first piece of furniture.

So keep all that in mind while shopping for working space. Also-and it is just my opinion-it is not too good to rent a piece of floor that plenty of other people have access to. You will acquire some expensive tools overtime, and there is always a small possibility of things going missing, misplaced and lost- that might be a pain in the butt.

So, finding a place is not easy, especially if you are on the budget-but it is possible. I would also contact some councils and present your business plan, they might have some pointers on where you should be looking, not so much with the free place to provide- I tried that and got nowhere, so save yourself some time.
Good place to look is a artists village, commonwealth studios for entrepreneurs, they usually have more options.

This is crucial to find a place that would suit your needs, I was making some furniture at home, in my bathroom and that did not go well with my girlfriend and even less with my neighbours sick of the noise. So spend some time, and do not give up. Go from door to door and ask. I was unsuccessful for 3 months and finally landed an awesome place, a shipping container turned into a shop, with secured door, window, parking space and cool landlord. So it can be done- do not give up until you get where you are going.

If you have any questions-shoot, I will try to help best I can.