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Red, red wine, stay close to meee:)

Wine boxes for wine racks.

I visited one of the local wineries some time ago asking for the wine boxes they did not need. I managed to buy about 10 of them at one go, £ 5 each, most of them looked brand new, almost no scratches.1 It is relatively easy to get your hands on this resource and they make a nice and friendly material to work with. Those symbols bring a nice vintage touch, especially stained and lightly sanded. One more suggestion-while you are visiting wineries-try to get them interested in your ideas, sometimes that conversation will open the door for the future potential client or a high traffic promotion spot-giving away one of your projects to display can be a smart way to promote your work.

From the bare box, you go right here…


Red, red wine…

Aged wood is a great companion for a nice bottle of wine. Cool wine rack made out of recycled wood, pallet and some nice stain will make you bottles pop up and give the room a cosy accent.

That piece of furniture is very simple to make, very forgiving as well. You do not have to worry about making perfect joints, perfect angles and flush corners. The rough look will make it look interesting, especially when accompanied by a nice bottle.

Have fun.