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Where to put you big flat screen…

Couple of recent projects

These 2 bad boys do not have a proper post, I was too buys to shoot pics in order to make this into a post.  Both projects are made out of scaffo boards and reclaimed wood. First is a house storage my wife requested, she had few boxes and needed a shelve unit to accommodate them. Teak finish light sand and varnish.



I had a set of really nice steel wheels in the shop, these make this look a little more on the rustic side.

Second project I had just finished was a really unique tv stand ordered by one of my frequent client. It combines on “s” like board design, only supported by one vertical board located in the back of the unit. This part is quite unique and it is not much visible, makes this unit an interesting idea. I have placed very long wood screw like rods inside to support the shelves.

I will post better pics. soon, sometimes I get too busy to properly document my work, sorry guys.



Reclaimed wood, hairpin legs tv stand.

This is my latest project, one of my clients requested this interesting looking tv stand, 3-pin legs and x/x double wall-top and inside being different pattern.

Material for this project (except legs) is 100% reclaimed timber, inside being pallet wood and outer boards I reclaimed from a  lift shipping company in London.

Really solid piece, quite chunky but this was the whole idea. Walnut in dark was layered inside, and outside target sanding brings more natural look of the wood, making those 2 contrast each other quite nicely.



Close to zero investment projects.

These tv stands are made almost entirely from recycled pallets. How available are these? If you live in a city, even a small one-you will be surprised how many of free pallets you would be able to collect. The fun part is that the best ones fit for the rustic projects are the old looking, kinda at the end of their life spam. Now, be careful not to use the wood that is rotten, it has to bear time damage on it, but make sure when you look inside-there is still life in it, nice strong despite the tired looks.

True, breaking down the pallets is not an easy job, but if you have a good saw, pry bar- you can break quite few in one hour and use them for your project.  If you need some info on how to do this efficiently-YouTube has got dozens of instructional videos out there.  I recommend Izzy Swan channel, this guy is a wood genius in my humble opinion.


More pipes;)

These ideas combine cast iron pipes and mostly recycled wood, making them rustic but very hip at the same time.This entire industrial look among the latest tech toys is extremely innovative, brings a new, fresh look into modern design.

I would like to emphasize the aspect of simplicity in these works, getting the piping frame together is literally baby easy, the rest of it lies in your imagination. What you are going to use as a top and how would you like to finish it-is the fun part here. And guess what-if you mess it up- get more free wood from the skip. This budget freedom in the works with recycled wood takes away the fear of cost rising in case you do not like your finish experiment.


Your friend in the living room.

Floating shelve, corner, or right up the wall. Think it up, and get cracking with some power tools or… design one and have it custom made for you.

For the most living rooms,  tv area is the attention centre, the average time spent watching tv in UK- 3 hours and 55 minutes according to BBC, scary…

But if you do like to have a decent big flat screen and you have spent serious money to get one-why not put it on nice piece of custom made furniture instead of crap wood chip board pseudo shelve that will last about a year?