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Funky tables made out of nothing

Glass top coffee table

My buddy was after a coffee table that was fit with a thick glass top, hairpin legs and some solid metal corners. This design is pretty cool and really strong. Inside of that “U” shaped carcass there is a 18mm hardwood ply as a base. Glued and screwed before planked all over gives a nice and thick design and a cool look to it as well.

Planks are mostly reclaimed pine cut in different sizes and coming together into a blocked design pattern. Metal corners have been welded out of a piece of 90 degree corner, that was some fun and fair amount of grind work to bring to a smooth finish, but they look the part and give a nice accent.

Holes were later drilled on the side of these bad boys to keep them in place on top of the glass top. Nice idea to attach the top without compromising desing. Black paint on them-manufacturer`s.

The glass itself was a challenge to acomplish. I have bought 3 pieces that all delivered with some kind of damage, scratch of bubbles trapped inside of glass. Not really a quality for any project. After all I decided to drive and pick it up myself to make sure no damage was done to it while delivering to my shop.

In  order to transport the glass top to my shop, I have built a box out of an old table top. If you ever do any project with this type of top, make sure the glass is spotless, wipe it with windex before you accept to spot any imperfections before you install. Also, this glass is super tough, but it will shatter if hit with something right on the edge or corner.

The final product was really nice, strong and walnut stain that was target sanded with fine grid exposed some colours of natural wood through. This technique I have been using on most of my projects where colour was applied. This gives a nice touch and makes the piece look a lot more interesting.

Few coats of clear matt varnish were applied as a means of protecting the wood, overall really nice table in my opinion.




Dine with class-the “old way”

Dining table is a centre piece of every dining room,  a place where people meet and share a meal, socialize, and bring the family together. A solid table, real wood, thick top and cool chairs/bench is something I would look into. Not to bash the Ikea boys in any way, but something made out of chipboard with cheap laminate is nowhere near a proper family dining table.

These tables can be built out of reclaimed wood, as well as a fresh (dried) lumber, hard wood would be a choice for this particular project. People sitting at this table, eating, kids scratching with forks etc. Quality wood will make sure you do not have to re-finish every 6 months to get rid of all marks, dents and scratches.

I personally love thick legged tables, even a design where legs are thick and the top slightly on the thin side, just the opposite of a popular trend would make a cool house item.



Hairpin legs coffee table.

This table I have done for one of my new clients. She requested a really nice pattern on the top and black/matt 14″ hairpin legs.  I have put 18mm strong, good quality ply underneath the planks and followed up with design. It was tricky to keep this pattern very well measured throughout the built, any mm each side would result with a big gap at the very end.

I applied some touches with teak stain to make these sawmill marks pop up a bit and natural oak was the final finish before applying several coats of clear/matt varnish for protection. I really like the final result, but most importantly the fact, that my client is happy.



Spend some time at the computer daily?

If you`re one of the people who spend tons of time at the computer and you like rustic wood-these samples could accommodate your needs and give you ideas of what is out there possible to build or simply buy.

Comfort is a priority number one for most people, but if you could get away with comfy desk that also looks amazing-then why not. Great thing about bespoke furniture is that you can order them precisely the way you want, design, size, materials, finish etc.

Pallet wood and barn wood seems to be the choice for a lot of these ideas, but really-there are no limits to your imagination, pipe legs, metal hardware and all sorts of goodies can be implemented in this kind of work.

I personally love the ones with pipe legs and wine boxes as drawers, simple, yet interesting, walnut finish, maybe some sanding before applying clear coat. Have fun.





This is a really funky project, my friend came up with the idea of this design. He loves playing chess and thought up this table that would be an extension of his beloved handmade chessboard. Really clever, original concept.

Material for this table is a combination of different sources, legs are made out of attic wood, I picked up at the construction site, carcass is made from nice long boards I found at some store and salvaged them whole.

this is very strong wood, used for shipping large goods, been through some abuse, will fit perfectly for the purpose.

I built the carcass in the way to support the large display drawer, my friend is a tailor and he will be displaying some of the merchandise he has got for sale in it. Dimmed glass will fill the inside if the table and some led lights under the top.

There is some 18 mm plywood I used for the carcass and the top- this material is extremely strong and will make this table durable way beyond its purpose.

The table will assemble nicely with the chessboard, a mosaic on top and bottom will make this project a lot more interesting. Few coats of walnut will be applied and varnish for protection.

I will post few pictures when I am done with this. Really this is by far the most customised item I have built. be continued


Couple more pictures of the table nearly finished. The glass fits perfectly into the cut out, flush with the top, 3 coats of walnut stain bring the colours nicely.

I will post some proper pictures of the chessboard table at the client`s office, turned out to be quite interesting idea and fun to make.


Fat beam table

This is one of my favourites, pieces of used, old wood beams-out of barn, or a fat fence is a perfect material for this project. A piece of glass can be the only part that you could actually go and purchase…if you can not find it somewhere else for free:) The joinery is baby simple, you do not even need any professional tools, you can literally make this with a hand saw…