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Mixing it up.

Plywood at play

Plywood boards do not usually bring about a picture of a cool furniture, more likely a structural part of any project, but if you look a bit closer to some ideas that use this material, you might be pleasantly surprised. Plywood comes in many kinds-wood wise and variety of thickness which makes it a nice and easy material to build with. One thing is to be careful about is the quality and flatness of a board. You do not have much room for error in this department, heavy belt sanding or planning a plywood is out of the picture really-if you do not want to destroy the board, so choose wisely, look closely and pick the most perfect piece.

OSB boards are totally different texture, but also make an unique building material, rough look combined with modern design and other materials like metal or concrete make a super cool combination, definitely not something you can buy at IKEA.

Look up some vids on Youtube, you can literally find tons of tutorials on the subject, most of the wood working guys keep it real simple as well, I also learn from them a lot on regular basis.







Window planter

I needed a planter that would keep my herbs and wheat grass on the window nicely. This one is made of reclaimed boards-still have some bark on it-hard to find though. I jointed them with long dowels and some corner hardware, clear coat and nothing else made it look this cool.


This can be ordered, made and shipped within one day. I am looking to start building balcony planters and small gardens-urban friendly that would allow people in apartment complexes have some life and fresh herbs handy.


Hanging out in the kitchen.

When I was growing up, for some reason kitchen was THE place to hang out. When we had people coming over to see my parents, instead of sitting in the living room, they all seemed to be drawn into the kitchen.  Back then living in central Europe resources were somehow limited and traditional cheap, cardboard crap was on the menu. Today is different, we have got tons of options, and surprisingly people go back to roots more often, wood, reclaimed timber and such are on the rise being a good sign in my opinion.

I especially like the islands-those free standing units that have a stove/cooker incorporated in them. A nice addition to that is a ceiling mount sort of island-for all your pans etc.

I will not be too original opting for dark walnut finish, but I think these colours look really nice with all kitchen appliances.

Also thick, wooden cupboards, mounted or free standing give this “good`ol farm house” feeling that brings some warmth into the place.




Sitting comfortably.

Nice couch, a place where you can sit you bum down after a long day sure is an important part of your house. It would be also nice to have one that apart from comfort, brings some character to your place, it is solid, made out of good materials and if it can be build out of reclaimed timber-it`s even better (sorry, couldn`t help).

There is a variety of materials that can make a functional and pretty looking couch-from railway sleepers, pallet wood to plywood (I have seen some amazing ideas in this department). All of these must be fitted with nice and thick cushions in the colours that would match the wood.

And of course, if you`re building an indoor piece-pillows are a must, cosy atmosphere, dimmed light and rustic wood will make the room naturally inviting, warm and comfortable.



Another life for a wine barrel.

Wine barrels are not the easiest item to find, but if you manage to buy one and it is still in good condition-you can turn it into a cool furniture that will spin some heads around. Characteristic curvature of wood and beautiful colours add a lot of character into design making it something that is not seen too often.

From a coffee table, chairs into the lamp ideas and even sink incorporated into a wine barrel. Those ideas are not only worth noticing-they are fun to make. Curved wood looks pretty, but it makes it a bit more difficult to work with as your options to shape the boards are somehow limited-you will not be able to put the board though a planer for example, that means a lot more manual work.

Those barrels perfectly accommodate metal hardware , they have been designed to use those elements as a strengthening addition and leaving them on can be a wise decision.

So, if you ever come across a wine barrel-do not pass it, get it home and have fun, those items can be a nice addition to your home, garden or a shop.



Candle tea light bookshelf.

I made this to complete my fiancée`s idea, a bookshelf unit that can hold tea light candles at the same time. Cool, unique as well.   100% reclaimed timber, thick boards painted with black chalkboard paint and sanded smooth. Some hardware on the corners and black chain makes it pop up a bit.

This unit is for sale (made to order) for £65 including shipping.


Amazing way to “warm” the wall the rustic style.

This concept has been around for a while now, but lately it seems to spring back to life as more and more designers pick up this industrial trend.  All these pictures you see below are of projects mostly made out of re purposed/pallet wood. All the counter walls and room walls are fit with this rustic looking mosaic that in my opinion really brings something interesting into the equation.

The process of fitting these panels is not that complicated, depends what kind of original wall you planning to up scale. My personal opinion is to have some frame or some plywood installed on the drywall before you start assembling the pallet wood, for couple of reasons. One is that you will avoid making hundreds of nail holes in the wall, second-it will be more sturdy, but in the end it is personal preference, as you can see on this video, these guys are installing panels straight onto the wall.

It is a time consuming process but not as much as installing the panels, but breaking down pallets and pepping all material, once you bring it over to the designated area-work speeds up and you end up with this cool looking wall.

You can find tons of tutorials of how to do it, and most of all-you would only need some basic tools to get this done, worth trying I think.



From train tracks, to your living room.

I think it is kinda cool to have items with some story behind. Like antiques, but also furniture built out of wood, or any materials that have been previously used in totally different capacity. When you design a bed frame, or a table to be made out of old barn wood, or railway sleepers-it brings it`s history right into your doorstep.

Logs, beams with the trace of time  can make some really awesome looking and solid furniture. Think of a railway sleepers and their past life, trains going over in the direction unknown to you… and now it is a part of your bedroom. I find it cool, somehow mysterious.

It is not very difficult to get your hands on this kind of material. There are plenty of recycled wood depots around any bigger city. I have visited one of them and found plenty of perfect sleepers for a very reasonable price.