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Find some cool items here, something that will bring additional character into the shop.

Pub, restaurant, diner.

There are plenty of pubs around it with wood furniture, reclaimed/rustic ones are also very common as well. Any place of business that needs a cosy atmosphere can benefit from this type of design. Custom made items are also designed to fit the particular needs, and more over-they can be re-done or adjusted in the future in case the nature of the business changes. Like shelving units or tables can be up scaled to individual needs.

It is a fact that the owners are spending time and money to make sure their pub or restaurant is unique and stands out and these themes seems to be a spot on investment. Not only that, most of these items are build out of sturdy and healthy wood, not chipboard made in China, so they will last for a very long time.


Fun way to re-do the shop.

Some of these you see here are super easy to make. Simple, basic tools and some wood can make your shop floor pop up in the neighbourhood and that means foot traffic and very possible a better looking “end of the month bookkeeping”:) So, why not give it a shot, if you can do it yourself-then great, if not-contact some wood fanatic weirdo (like myself) and he will make this for ya.

Stores like Superdry, All Saints, Fat Face and many others are well into this style, no wonder, it is natural and cool at the same time, makes almost any human feel welcome and at ease.