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Sleeping well.

Making your bed stylish and comfortable is kinda dangerous though. When you love the design and wake up in the morning well rested it may draw you in earlier than you were planning. Not that this would be something wrong, but keep in mind-the more you sleep-the less you have time to build stuff, twisted logic-I guess.

Level of wood working skills in these projects may be determined by the level of your experience, trust me-it is very easy to build an amazing projects using the simplest joinery, none of these you see here required anything remotely complicated.

Have a good night..

Reframe the ordinary.

How can a mattress turn into an awesome looking bed that will make the bedroom a nice and cosy place? Best thing in all that-you do not have to spend tons of money, you can get a solid piece of furniture that will last you for a long, long time…

Now,  even though this can look overwhelming to an amateur- trust me, it is not. You do not have to attempt complicated joinery to make a beautiful bed frame, simple tools and some imagination can bring this boring looking mattress to another dimension.

New look to your bedroom.

This project can be made out any wood you can get your hands on, from pallets to old scraps you can find anywhere. You can finish it in your own way to suit your bedroom colours and assemble behind any bed.

Nice accent to it would be some cool night lamps hanging over on each side of the board.

Take  a look at Beachbumlivin and his take on it.


You really do not need any fancy tools to do this headboard, and to give it a nice colour- got to B & Q  paint department and pick up some paint samples and returns-you will literally pay pennies on the dollar and keep your project on the budget.