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Photo props custom made.

Stool and funky finish.

This photo prop-tiny stool was made out of nice pine I used for another project, the entire piece is only 9 inches tall, so no need for much material. But the interesting part is the finish, I have painted all in walnut stain first, let it dry and then applied grey paint over it. When dried, I have used the mouse sander to expose the stain from underneath the grey paint-it does look cool I think.

There are really more ways to achieve this effect than sanding- you can use a wet rug and wipe off the exact amount of paint (before it dries)  to expose the colour from underneath-works great as well-and no dust.

Protective clear coat applied on top.


Real wood photo background- pics of progress

This oak flooring turned into a photo background is almost done. I have removed (sanded off) the top layer off the wood to get rid off shiny/gloss surface, not so sought after by photo specialists.

The entire project consist of 4 parts, click on connection makes it very easy to work with and provides few options when it comes to walls combinations. You can set it up anyway you like and secure the back with zip straps. The back of the vertical wall is equipped with a a handle and anti slippery standing aid that allows it to be placed on every surface.

A piece of anti-slippery rubber was glued onto supporting bit and it can be fit behind the handle for transport.  Top was sanded off with 80 grid, and followed by 120 to ensure smooth yet non-glossy surface, couple of layers of walnut stain were applied.

As a last bit- a 180 grid target sanding exposed some of the shades and grains from underneath the stain, I will post some more pictures when I finish this project.

Best part of it all again-it is a real wood, this will not fold up, crack or rip like vinyl, and if you take care of it-it will last you a lifetime. You can even change the finish if you like, grab a sander and take the colour off-then apply what you want, try doing that with vinyl;)




Capturing time.

Photo props are usually not too difficult to make for a wood worker, the entire project consists of small pieces of wood, what is interesting is the final finish. I guess that depends on the a particular photographer and his narrative he likes to portray in his work.

Props come in as many ways as there are ideas for pictures, it is really bound only by your imagination and having a trusted wood worker handy can really speed up the process of getting a photo shoot done.

All these examples you can see here can be done within a week notice usually. I personally like to work with recycled wood, not only in order to stick to my business model, but also an old and worn wood makes these projects a lot more interesting in my opinion.

Finish on the aged wood looks differently as well. Any stain or paint applied onto the surface of an aged wood will have a distinctive looks, especially when you sand through multiple layers.


Photo background.

The range of ideas in this department is way beyond my website capacity, but here are just few examples that can be of inspiration. The boards can go from nice and fresh wood-through all the stages of time inflicted wear and tear, some real, some artificial created by special paint techniques and- beating up with hammer.

These are more traditional finishes, but there are several ways to make it a lot more interesting. Cracking paint, multiple layers of paint coming through and burnt wood are some of my favourites.

That is it from me, do not have much knowledge of photography, so I stick to my wood works;)


Photo props-sled.

This is my take on the miniature sled, as a photo prop for one of my friend photographer. I made it entirely from recycled materials, hence some of the nail holes and imperfections, but after all that is the main material I decided to work with.

The size and design may be adjusted and the finish applied upon request. Anything, from old rustic looks to cracked paint and smooth natural look.

Fun with wood.

There is a big market for photography pops out there. Many photographers are looking for some ways to make their pictures stand out and be more interesting. This is where tiny, cute, little items like those come into play.

Now, because these are designed to be very small, you can build them out of wood scraps, just like those serving trays I made earlier. These projects do not require complicated joinery and many of them are styled to be rustic and used, which is absolutely my favoured way of finishing wood.

This will be my next project in the coming weeks, I will post the response in time.

Have fun..