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Funky lights

Pipes and light.

Finally some stuff started coming along. My dad helps me out with cast iron elements, and some items that are difficult to buy in UK. This lamp is made out of new elements, fitted with Edison light bulb that gives nice, warm, slightly orange colours. Standard E14 can accommodate any light bulb, ON/OFF switch on top has a super easy access.  I bought really cool looking twisted 3 core wiring, antique braided, black, fitted with additional switch ON/OFF and led indicator at the main plug.

This can serve as a desk lamp or night lamp, it can even be disassembled for storage as the elements are fitted tight but not glued at all.

This Item is for sale: £ 120 including P&P (UK only).

There is a lot more coming “down the pipe” 😉




Cast iron wheel wall lamp.

I have made this lamp from a very unique, aged wood I picked up a while ago, comes from the attic refurbishment, full of rusty nails and beautiful colour. Only light sanding is allowed in order to preserve this colour, 80 grid to start and 180 to finish, plus some hand sanding. These boards were not planned so they are slightly bent, but a naked eye can not pick this up.

The wheel comes from Poland, my dad actually bought this for me and sent it over. Those items are kind of pricey here, you are looking to spend about £ 40 on a block itself.  Twisted yellow wire, brass light bulb fixture and a wall hook to get the wire nice and straight.

Really cool project, still awaiting the cage for the light bulb ( Edison bulb), miter cuts on each board and nothing but teak oil to bring the colours up a bit.

This item is for sale- £ 120 including delivery ( UK only)


Cast iron on the wall or ceiling?

An idea that sounds weird at first, but hold up, take a look at these lights, it is just my personal opinion but they do look original at least. A cast iron wheel mounted on the ceiling or a wall, nice wire and an Edison light bulb make this design an unique combination of industrial hardware and modern, loft like item.

Some of these cast iron blocks and wheels are not easy to find and not very cheap to buy. But it is worth the effort, the final effect can literally bring some new light into the room.



More on the wood side of light.

These designs you see here aim to incorporate  more wood and thus make them a bit cheaper as you can use recycled pallet wood that is so abundant everywhere.

They are very simple to make, basic tools and basic skills required to make these. It is more about the originality of the design then it is about sophisticated materials and advanced skills, it can be done by anyone.

Now, these are bit more complicated, but the effect is stunning. To achieve this bent wood you would need a steam device that you would heat up the wood in and then bend it to the shape you are looking for. This device can be bought or made-look up Youtube for instructions if you are interested.

That is really cool, I guarantee to get some jaws dropped when people see this the first time.




Vintage lights.

These lights have elements of cast iron, wheels and all sorts of materials, which in fact make them interesting designs I think. The simplicity of it is an advantage as well, the most difficult part is getting your hands on those cast iron mountings, you can salvage them in scrapyard-but good luck with that one-those guys sell them the minute they see an item like this. Best bet is to find it on ebay-not that cheap though, but then again-this will last forever and one day-so it is worth the money.

Couple other things you will need-is a nice wire/cord, one of those     antique twisted  braided woven silk fabric cable cord you can get on ebay in almost eny colour you wish. Do not make a mistake of using any cord- that can mess up the entire design.


Light`em up. Piping.

I have decided to make a separate category for these cool ideas of industrial/vintage lights. I am currently working on few projects myself, will post all when done. In the meantime, take a look at these ideas, I think this is an awesome way to make your room, bedroom, kitchen stand up. A lamp like this can change the design in one swoop, mix it up with some rustic wood, some vintage/antique finish and there you go-a brand new place to enjoy.

These are mostly done out of cast iron piping, In my opinion the dark one looks the best and if you buy new-there is no need for any paint job or cleaning action. I  think 1/2 inch is enough for decent size lamp design, if you go bigger-the lamp starts weighting much and honestly there is no need for pipes to be fat-they do not get abused much like a table or shelving unit.

Another interesting material for such projects is copper. I have visited my B&Q recently and found a fair amount of copper to make almost any lamp you wish. It is not the cheapest material, but it is worth the money, take a look at those:

Looks cool I think. These funky light bulbs are called Tesla`s and you can get them on ebay for about £7, £8 pounds a pop. Also on ebay you can buy the the fixture, I mostly buy standard E27 that fits many kinds of bulbs.