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Collective mind access

Alan Watt

I spent a fair amount of time for his podcasts and Youtube channel videos, the information this man provides is essential if one really wants to get a grip on reality. It is hard to swallow though, if you are really living in daytime tv mode, but well worth visiting. is Alan`s website.

If you have some time to spare, have a look, you might find yourself in one of those “holy shit” moments that have no coming back from-Kansas ig going bye bye…

alan watt


Simon “Spaniard”

This fella is a local (UK) character, someone who stumbled upon some interesting facts and has found the way to reach people and help them access stuff, that is not so common in the mainstream.



Thanks to his witty and super intelligent way to approach all sorts of today`s problems, we can enjoy his work on Youtube channell called whiterabbittrust which I highly recommend to anyone who would like to get familiar with the game of commerce and not only that. The general idea of logical thinking is the main course for this channel, enjoy, thanks Spaniardo for all you do.


Dean and his work

I would like to mention Dean Clifford here, someone who had a tremendous impact on my life and the way I see the world today. This young man is an extraordinary individual, well spoken, and unconventionally educated. What I mean by that is the fact that his knowledge comes from real history and real understanding of inner workings, not the main stream mac and cheese we are being taught in schools today.

He is advocating his way of life around Canada and sadly-pays a great price for educating people, the establishment tries very hard to put him away, unsuccessfully for the most part.

If you would like to get familiar with his work and knowledge-please visit, but be careful though-if you are comfortable with your life right now and are not keen to find out how the world really works- stay away, it might shake your believe system upside down.


Thanks Dean.

Becoming stronger, whatever rocks your boat…

I came across this guy while I was in bed few months ago-Elliot Hulse. I was partially immobile due to my back pain, could not do much, as a matter of fact-could not move at all. My doctor advised hot patch and being as still as possible. Few days in-I was getting no better at all. YouTube and Elliot got me out of bed-sounds funny, I know, but guess what- I started doing what I THOUGHT was right at that time and 3 days later I was walking my dog, almost pain free.

Look him up guys, at first it looks like pile of muscle and a meat head-this could not be further from the truth. He is seriously enlightened cat, worth researching.

Thanks bro, I keep your philosophy in my mind daily and try to live each days best I can…