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Easy steps to starve big corporations

Now this can come as a small surprise to be found on the website like this, sort of diy thingy, but divesting from this madness that we are all in is very much connected to the topic of sustainability.  It is no brainer that big corporations destroy our land, poison our food supply and the waste that they are generating is all the way to the upper lip now. How does that exactly help to divest them, as a last resort of modern voting-with our dollars instead of “ticks” on the ballot.

Every day you shop, you make a choice, choice that will send the business blood-money to a corporation that works very hard to profit beyond anything. Buying fresh produce instead of boxed, coloured shit, that is so unhealthy that the box itself has more nutrients than cereal in it. Buying fresh, local, if you can-support local markets, where people sell organic produce, poison free. These people grow real food, it might be slightly more expensive as the small farmer can not afford mass production, but definitely will be much more beneficial to your body, than anything big corp can provide.

There is another thing that divesting is all about, and this part may come a little hard to comply with: do not buy shit you do do not need. Period, there is not much else to explain in that part, if you do not need another pair of designer jeans that will cost you a weekly pay-simply do not buy it. Luxuries, crap that we do not need are heavily taxed and that means the very corporations messing up our lives will be getting their money to grow and if a corporation grows, it becomes more powerful and sinister. Today it is not governments that run countries, it is companies, corporations that buy and sell politicians like muppets, use them to looby their ideas and dispose them like rag dolls.

If we wait for governments to fix our lives, we will be waiting a long time…

Once  A.Einstein said: you can not solve a problem with the same state of mind that created it.

It is up to us, not government to change things around, they have proven themselves to be clueless a thousand times already.


Connection era-producing what?

It is a fact that this time in human history belongs to connectivity, the industrial era has passed, leaving us with modern technology and tons of cool and useful inventions. But there is a lot more to this, we have come to a place where we hold a HDTV in the palm of a hand and yet- I personally know quite a few people who do not know how to change a friggin` light bulb, let alone fix something or build anything.


We can connect with our friends across the world in a split of a second and we do not develop any life skills at all. We come to order most of the stuff online, we buy everything, most cheap crap from China, our ability to support life has come nearly to zero.

web 3

I have people-teenagers in my family that spend most of their time on Facebook, they have never kicked a football or climbed a tree, their bodies are weak and fragile and stamina is non existing. Sad but true, today young people open their mouth seeing some gorilla style invention, any hand work becomes a challenge, and logical thinking is being replaced by Google.

Where am I going with all this-companies like Facebook, Twitter and plenty more are worth billions of dollars and yet-when you really think of it-they do not produce anything. True, they can be a tool to connect with people and thus help get your business more advertising but in itself-their worth it somehow illusionary. If I wake up tomorrow and Facebook is gone-my life will not change at all. I will still have hot water, light, food and all I need to function, I will barely notice their disappearance. Try doing that with your agriculture dept, or water plant, or lets get rid of plumbers tomorrow-you will see where life essentials really exist.

I am not mocking any of these businesses or people working there-just to be clear, I am although advocating teaching and learning some more useful skills that tapping a phone or posting pictures.  Does it have to be wood work-hell no, it can be just about anything, as long as it develops life skills, imagination, creativity and such, not merely staring at the screen or watching celebrity crapola.

Just my 2 cents into this web obsessed world…


Value, things we “need”…

Sometimes I slow down for a minute to take a look how so called modern society has organized itself, what we value the most and what drives us to get up in the morning and go to work. What kind of work is not important at this point, what is important is what we are spending our money on.

I might be just me, but I have noticed that the stuff we buy, is of less and less quality. Everything, from cars to clothes to electronics to even food, wouldn`t you say? Furniture is my thing and when I see what kind of crap is being produced and sold makes me want to yell-wtf people?!


We have been conditioned to want everything cheap, as cheap as possible, but this idea has a major flaw and I would say pretty important- CHEAP SHIT IS NOT QUALITY! Cheap and solid/quality does not even belong in the same sentence, something produced with shit materials, in the shit company can not be of hight quality-period!

So why people nowadays are looking for quantity instead of quality, for labels instead of true value. I have bought ( yeah, I was like that one day) several items of famous designers (clothing) just to see this shit fall apart quicker that I ever thought is possible. Paid top dollars to chuck this to garbage real quick, but hey, Dolce and Gucci was on me for a while, I had to spend long time at work, time out of my life that could have been spent on something amazing and worth remembering-instead it was a jacket with some guy`s name on it that ended up in a bin. Stupid of me is a real understatement.  3

What is value then? Is it  something that will serve us for a long time, the same way it was intended by the designer and made properly, or something we see on tv, something that is literally overpriced shit but marketed by a famous guy, or a pretty famous girl you know, new age religion-celebrities?

I leave that to you then, after all, it is you who spends time working to buy things that should make you happy:)

One of all times favourites-George Carlin put it right, miss ya G..:



Skills or paper…

I was thinking about “well travelled path” and what comes with it, you know, go to school, then go to college, get a degree and the world is your sort of thing.  As time goes by, I can not help  but to think that this idea-to some extend-does not make much sense, especially in the light of recent manufactured crisis and all implications of it.

Think for a second, I am a generation that has been trained to think that way, I remember that in the ` 90, everybody “knew” we have to go to college in order to get a job paid enough to be happy. The was a time when skills like carpentry, plumbing, cooking or car mechanic were something degrading to an average individual. Tele adverts and publications were pushing this idea of education down our throats 24/7. It came to the point where tons of ridiculous classes sprung up around the country:

-Philosophy and Star Trek (Georgetown),  Elvis as Anthology ( University of Pennsylvania), Zombies in popular media (Columbia College) to name the few.

Bunch of schools popped up, offering low interest loans to students just to get them in…

Even more mainstream ideas of education like  marketing and advertising and business have somehow saturated the market to the point of a joke. There are countries where you can throw a rock into the air and you will hit a “businessman” with a masters degree on his way to work at a ASDA or a shoe store, for a minimum wage…

How did we arrive to this state? To stay away from conspiracies, we stick to the facts and you can draw a conclusion yourself. After few decades of pushing higher education at all cost (yes, they come very expensive nowadays), we have lost the ability to provide people with life skills to the society. Everyone wants to be a suit wearing businessman at all costs, all want to have what is considered a good life.  Millions of young people get into debt up their necks to get a piece of paper that says “degree”  and a bunch of fancy stamps on it, thinking that this will open every door they need to succeed.

Think, 10 minutes of logic should put you on the right track; if there are 25 people in a class, all studying business management, there are multiple classes in one school, thousands of school within one country, we can easily estimate how many hundreds of thousands of ” management” people we deliver each year to the job market. Guess what, how many bosses an average corporation does have? Hundreds? Dozens? I do not think so, it is just a matter of time when all we have will be folks with magical degrees and a desire to manage- but manage who?  Who is going to work when all young people want to do is to be on top managing? At some point the market will saturate itself and a business management degree will be worth-nothing, especially when hundreds of thousands of people  have it.

Now, I am not advocating not going to school and becoming a bum-by any means! What I am trying to say-is to follow your heart, your interests and passions instead following what other people tell you you should do. Going to college and getting degree in something you do not give 2 monkeys about is a waste of time. Not only that, you will go into a mountain of debt to obtain this piece of paper and thus have a real good start into adulthood- £ 40 000 down-before you even score a job…

If you want to study-great, just make sure it is something  YOU want, not your dad, not your mum and not your TV guru sending you flyers home of how wonderful your life will be if only you get this qualification, think and follow your mind-that is the only advise I would give to anyone.

We are at the very weird place already, try to find a decent tile installer to fix your bathroom, get an electrician out of the phone book that REALLY knows what he is doing, or a highly skilled  carpenter to do some amazing job in your flat-good luck with that one folks.  We all look for people that know people, someone who will be “trustworthy” so we do not have to trust just any specialist, because they will most likely mess up the job. This is where we already are.  And if you want someone with masters in business management or advertising- most likely there will be at least 20 people within your eye range, amazingly weird situation.

Sure, the machines will soon replace most of manual or assembly jobs, but I do not see a scenario when a machine comes to your house and fixes your door or furnace any time soon, or will cook you a nice dinner, maybe in 50 years, but not now.  And when this time comes, the unskilled workers will not be in demand anyway, if there is nothing you are able to do, have no skills at all- you will depend on a government handouts till you get old and that is a scary prospect.

Once again, there is absolutely nothing wrong with going to college or university, nothing wrong with getting a degree and even going into debt to get there- not the end of the world, you can do it. But remember one thing, do it because YOU want it, do it because you want to be someone specific, you will be happy to pursue this carrier and eager to get there and make your stamp- and make decent money doing it. Then, by all means jump right in, but if you go just because it is expected of you and you could not care less about it- then you will be in trouble, with degree in worthlessness, few years wasted and a mountain of debt-as a good start.



Things are changing…

This will start little pessimistic, but the intention is not to pursue depression and anxiety but to prepare ourselves for changes that are coming very soon. We all hear the usual boloney that comes from tv-” the economy is getting much better people, we have just created 100 000 jobs…Right…

They forgot to mention 87 000 of these newly created jobs are in the service sector; waiters, shelve stockers, maids in the hotel and burger flippers, right for the fresh batch of graduates this year. Boys and girls with diplomas, £30 000+ in debt for education and fresh, new start-right into the job that has long hours, no benefits and pays £ 6.50 per hour. I let you do the math and figure out how wonderful life prospects are ahead of these young people.
And “job creation” is number 1 on every politician list BEFORE the election, somehow later on, they tend to forget all that…

So having this sad intro behind us, it would not be a bad idea to shift from complaining and blaming game and focus on solution to this problem, because if you think it will come from the hands of a politician- you are up for rude awakening and sure as hell, the day of “zero account” is coming sooner that you think.

Give it a shot and search for a job with your qualifications but keep your mind open to the possibility that you might end up in the work force “created by government” and that means working shit job for shit money for a very, very long time.

Great thing about harsh times is the fact that it forces people to think. When the comfort of secured job, pension and other ” necessities” that we got so accustomed to vanish- people usually get off their butts and start creating their life instead of just waiting for it to come on the silver platter.

That part is the meat and potatoes of this post. We have been put into a very uncertain situation and it is up to us to make a living-stop asking for one and do something about it.
How? That is very individual case for each of us, what do you want? What do you like to do? What can you do to make money and possibly be happy doing at the same time?

These questions have to be answered in your head so to speak. What rocks my boat might not be interesting for you at all, so think about it and make a plan of action for yourself. I just hope that you are in such comfortable place in life that you can choose, and do not have to influence your choices by bills and food and kids crying for nintendo all day.

The thing is-we do not have much choice, and time is working against us, why?

American dollar is still reserve currency on this planet ( not for long though) and USA being the only country able to issue this currency is doing something called QUANTITATIVE EASING- that is a fancy way of PRINTING MONEY.
Yes, they are printing new, crispy Benjamins like there is no tomorrow. Guess what, how does it take to devalue the world reserve currency??? What do you think will happen after dollar goes down the pipe??

Petrol is being traded with dollars…your food, all stuff you buy every day is mostly delivered by trucks that run on petrol…are you getting the picture?

So we get back to solution part. A- divest for starters. Stop buying shit you do not need with the money you do not have (credit card for example). Do not be an idiot who pays 18% of interest on something that was worth £ 30 and you did not like it the minute you got home. Just stop. Period.

B- Create a community. Get to know the people who think alike, have skills that can come in handy and are decent enough to be trusted. I can not stretch enough importance of this-” no man is an island” is right on the money here.

C- Find the way to create a business. Anything, anything that you would enjoy enough to wake up in the morning on Saturday and be happy to do. And make sure it puts food on your table- playing Xbox all day will not feed you-no matter how much yo love this crap.

That is my take on what is ahead of us, we will expand on that a lot in the future. I would love you to share your ideas and put forward some success stories here.


Debt- chapter 2

It is clear at this point, and no one denies that the tab for this “debt” will be passed onto working class people. Big boys, huge corporations have enough lobbying friends in government to help them get out of every jam, let it be paying taxes for example- that`s  a fact, not my presumption.

If you really want to get to the bottom of things/system visit this guy-it will blow your mind out: I must warn you, things are so far out there-so not what you have been thought to be, that it will be a tough pill to swallow, it`s worth it though…

Having this gloom scenario in front of us, the question still stands-what can we do about it? Taking on the big boys is in my opinion a waste of time, and given the fact that we do not have the same resources-a job like this will be painful. There are other things that you can do to make a dent on reality and change things for better. One, is to stop feeding your energy to the broken system. How you do it? By changing small habits that govern your daily lives. What is the single most powerful activity you do on the daily basis? Shopping my friends-yup. It`s where you spend your money ( skimmed by taxing up the ass) is what determines which company thrives and which one goes bust. It is that simple!

I am not advocating going monk- shaving your head, eating wheat grass and chanting all day. What I mean is change your habits. Instead of shopping at huge supermarkets that violate just about every law in existence- shop at small, neighbourhood and family owned  shops. Support local businesses, and most importantly- eat clean people. When you buy this box food- the box is more nutritious than what`s in it!!!  I will scrap some article about food little later. And one, most important thing if you want to change your life for better- GET RID OF TELEVISION!!! Cut the cable subscription, stop making your brain to mush with all this crap they feed you, grab a book, do some research online, go play ball or something.

Back to making money, it looks like I steered away from point. Ya, jobs are disappearing, wages going south, and legislations are being put in place to make it ever so easy to fire you butt at any point from work. The revolution time is coming, revolution of mind, ideas, and connectivity. The only people, apart from trust fund babies-will be the ones that can create something unique, and more- they can interest other people enough to make them spend their money.  On how you do it-we will be constantly updating as we build this forum, I would love to see some of your ideas, ideas that will connect a bigger society one day, groups of people that are interested in cooperation instead competition, in value instead of volume and in honesty instead a corporate greed ,we`ll see, I will do my part to bring my ideas into life.

I am starting with recycled wood working, designing something unique, that you will not find in Ikea, build out of abundant re-purposed material and sold into homes of my fellow humans.

Where we go from there- I will leave it up to you, I am here to help and work together…

Till next time guys..

Debt-what the hell it is all about?

We all constantly hear about ever mounting debt that every country seems to be in. But what does that exactly mean? Did we all applied for some high calibre loans from the government and failed to keep our end of the deal or what? I do not recall submitting any applications of this kind in my life.  So where does it come from then? Well, the main stream will tell you all bunch of crap stories of how our gov is trying their best to make our lives wonderful and thus they need a pile of money to do so. But anyone with one eye-even lazy eye can see that the standard of living in virtually every country is going to shambles.

This is not the best platform to get in deep in this subject, rather I want you to understand that this scheme is going nowhere, debt will mount and will strongly affect our crumbling economy even more. Why am I saying that? Because it means that the jobs will keep on going overseas, where big companies can hire 14 year old factory workers for a fraction of what they would have to pay you.You might think that going to college and getting some degree will get you out of a jam- unless it is some medical degree or engineering one- you are up for the rude awakening my chump. Nowadays there are thousands of college graduates that work stocking shelves at Tesco, pumping gas or washing cars. And that is not going to change any time soon. It all looks doom and gloom I guess, but come to think of it- there is now an open room for creative people. People that do not want to work at Asda, call centres or any other brain crashing job. It`s true, these jobs will still have to be done, but technology will replace cashiers, call answering people, and who knows, maybe even shelve stockers.

And then what? What are you going to do with your diploma, great job experience at Tesco??? That`s right, not the whole much my friend. It is time to wake the hell up people. The current system is not working, middle class is disappearing with the speed of light and soon, there will be only 2 kinds of people on the planet: 1-elite-very small group of wealthy corporation owners, and  2- millions of obedient shelve stockers, that are waiting for an opportunity to make enough money working 16 hours a day to feed a family.

Tell you what- I will be dammed if fall into that second category. Not that I feel special, not because I have a wealthy daddy, just because I say so, and I will work my ass off to have my own business and stick a middle finger into face of Tesco kind of job.

…to be continued

My take on economy


What is going on around the planet right now is hard to comprehend at first sight. It seems that all the countries in the western world are not only broke, but all keep on screaming that we are all in debt (?).

How come no one asks ” in debt to who”? If we are all in debt, who do we owe this gazillion of dollars then??? I will expand on that little later.

What I do know is that the old ways of thinking, the industrial  revolution thinking are over.  Time of factory life, producing millions of cars, toys, toasters for ever cheaper than the last one is done.  All this crap being produced on mass seems to be not only worthless, but seriously trashing up our planet. The job market itself is about to implode even more. As more and more jobs are taken over  by machines, more people find themselves with “too much time on their hands”-simply being unemployed.   Job centres are crowded with people of all ages, queening up to get some money from government, maybe enough  to put the heat in their apartment. It does not work my friends, and no one, no matter how brainwashed with “American idol” or “honey boo boo” will tell me otherwise. Something is seriously not right here.

So what is it then? Let`s not dwell upon how miserable our times are and instead ask for solutions. This is what I think:


How about them apples hm?  I don`t know what it is that you like to do, but for God`s sake get up, stop begging for bread crumbs and do something.  What?  Ya, this is not what the establishment and “public fool (school) system” encourages you to do. Get thinking and get to your head that the things around-on the job market will only gown down. Public dough in the form of benefits will be cut sooner than later my friend in the prospect of never ending “wars for democracy” that out MISSleaders are so interested in continuing.

So what is it then huh, you might ask. I don`t know for you my friend, you being on this website probably know what is it that I am planning to do for my living…I want to build cool stuff out of nothing, out of things that represent no value to most people, out of stuff that is destined to go into a landfill and poison this already hurting planet. And…

MAKE A NICE LIVING DOING IT, because let`s face it-no one will survive on sun shines and rainbows. Money is great if you choose to think of it so. It is nor evil nor good, it is just a tool, means of exchange for our labour/energy-the only true value on this earth.

So, mull it over for a minute or two, look at your life and ask yourself: “is that what I want”???  If the answer is no- then get your butt up and do something about it. Period.