Office NOT boring

I have been doing some work for companies in the city, must admit-some of the offices look amazing, but for the most part-cheap crappy chipboard or mdf built white, hospital like cabinets. Really something out of  `80 with a modern twist-loads of plastic, certainly not my cup of tea. But large offices being located usually on huge floors  present a great opportunity for innovation, funky ideas and furniture that is far from boring.

Being in the office, punching numbers into computers might not be too adventurous, but having your environment custom built will certainly give you a feeling of control, and will somehow pick you out of the white cubicle crowd.

Even simple ideas, like a metal mesh on the wall to hang a mirror or some pictures on it, will change the interior completely. A big barrel turned into a spotlight or a sink will make the office space creative and maybe thus inspire more creativity in the people working in it.


I truly believe that our very environment has a huge impact on the well-being and creativity. This is why I do not get the traditional, boxy, white, hospital like cubicles. I think that era is the thing of the past, with knowledge and availability of virtually anything today, we can create offices that will make people happy to come to work. At least, will make them a lot less miserable spending countless hours behind their desk. Worth a try I think…

Another pair of socks in that department is getting the old boss to go along with the new idea. I think young companies are a lot more able to shift the old ideas and come up with new approach. I somehow do not see some an old, law firm in the city, with people past their `60 to mount a oil barrel on their ceiling. But hey-if they do-I am here to help,until then-all youngsters out there with heads packed of ideas-call me up if you want your office to be unique and people working in it-happy and creative.


Do not forget to pay your employees well, no amount of funky furniture or creative décor will suffice if you pay them peanuts-just a thought.