Traditional-trimmed up

As I get deeper into wood working, projects, see flats, houses and other properties I notice that people are-in general well tired of traditional, IKEA ( sorry) style design.

Although custom made items are not cheap,more and more clients out there decide to save some money to get something that is unique and quality at the same time. After all, it is your place, your home no matter if it is a big`ol house or a small city flat, having an option to have it YOUR way should be something worth considering.

I have been bashing cheap crap, usually mdf or chipboard made items for a while now, no point going back there, but what makes me smile is the fact, that people start to be more creative. We have passed the point where China made cheap items were literally on the menu in every house, today people steer towards originality, quality, uniqueness, something that will be a pleasure to have for a number of years.

Big reclaimed wood logs in the kitchen, rustic counter top, cabinets made out of real wood, industrial style lights etc. The possibilities are literally endless to design an interior that is just “off the wall”. With today`s market, especially in the big city-you can get anything and everything if you are determined enough. Businesses all around offer free material like pallets, all sorts of wood, and other stuff that can be turned into an eye popping furniture with some work and basic tools.

I am very glad that this is the direction that people are taking, this traditional, square, boring chipboard laminates are coming to an end, now is the time for cool stuff and if you can make it yourself out of reclaimed materials-you are in the game mister. Keep it up.