Wall of wood

I am coming back to the idea of a rustic/pallet style wall. I have been recently to one of the clothing stores that had an amazing wall made out of pallets. Big, flat tv hanging on that wall looked off the hook, the whole project was really amazing.

Now, there is a way to make new pallet wood look this old, but this I will explain in another post. There is also couple of ways of installing planks on the wall. I personally like the idea of placing a sheet of ply on the wall-find the studs and screw it on, either on strips of wood or-if you got nice straight walls-on bare wall. The reason behind that is the comfort of installation late. What I mean by that is, that you will be able to glue/nail different length planks, this base will give you almost canvas like opportunity to play. Also, you will save yourself tons of work in case one day you want to take the whole thing down, there will be no glue, nail holes etc. to worry about.

I have a plan on fitting my bedroom wall this way in the near future, it will be much warmer as well:)