Kitchen ideas continue

I am still a bit obsessed with fitting my kitchen with reclaimed timber. I have come across these cool ideas, many of which are really easy to build. A combination of marble, stone, wood and iron seems to be the way I would design my own kitchen.

The choice of wood depends on the location, you would look more into nice hardwood for the countertops and could easily get away with cheaper soft wood for the cabinet doors and other elements not exposed to water and food.

I like the idea of fat beams on the ceiling, these can be build out of flat boards jointed in the way to mimic a fat piece of wood. Cool thing about this idea is the fact that it is light, easy to install and widely available as opposed to big log of wood being lifted and screwed onto the ceiling.

Whatever option you aim to do, reclaimed timber can be combined with many other materials. Also finish, as in varnish, stains etc. should be fit for purpose, today`s market is full of solid stuff, shop around.