Easy steps to starve big corporations

Now this can come as a small surprise to be found on the website like this, sort of diy thingy, but divesting from this madness that we are all in is very much connected to the topic of sustainability.  It is no brainer that big corporations destroy our land, poison our food supply and the waste that they are generating is all the way to the upper lip now. How does that exactly help to divest them, as a last resort of modern voting-with our dollars instead of “ticks” on the ballot.

Every day you shop, you make a choice, choice that will send the business blood-money to a corporation that works very hard to profit beyond anything. Buying fresh produce instead of boxed, coloured shit, that is so unhealthy that the box itself has more nutrients than cereal in it. Buying fresh, local, if you can-support local markets, where people sell organic produce, poison free. These people grow real food, it might be slightly more expensive as the small farmer can not afford mass production, but definitely will be much more beneficial to your body, than anything big corp can provide.

There is another thing that divesting is all about, and this part may come a little hard to comply with: do not buy shit you do do not need. Period, there is not much else to explain in that part, if you do not need another pair of designer jeans that will cost you a weekly pay-simply do not buy it. Luxuries, crap that we do not need are heavily taxed and that means the very corporations messing up our lives will be getting their money to grow and if a corporation grows, it becomes more powerful and sinister. Today it is not governments that run countries, it is companies, corporations that buy and sell politicians like muppets, use them to looby their ideas and dispose them like rag dolls.

If we wait for governments to fix our lives, we will be waiting a long time…

Once  A.Einstein said: you can not solve a problem with the same state of mind that created it.

It is up to us, not government to change things around, they have proven themselves to be clueless a thousand times already.