The beginning is here

This is a group I am a member of. It was started by one of my personal heroes: Dean Clifford and his brother Darren. The name is Earth stewardship and it is closed group, you can become a member by contacting the group, I think basic membership is only CAD 10 a month.

The coop operates on the portal : and by joining this website you will be able to direct your membership towards specific group, like earth stewardship. The group uses the money to purchase land, farming machinery, build houses on that land etc. Basically to start a new way of life, because this one that we currently have, clearly it is not working very well.

Dean and the rest are pioneers in the new world, it does sound “out there” but so is everything else, political situation is fucked 6 ways from Sunday and these guys are done waiting, I am proud to be a part of that project.