Kitchen as an ultimate hang out place.

I have mentioned in some previous posts that from my childhood I remember guests always hanging out in the kitchen. It was that part of the house where all food was served (apart from official occasions), drinks, talks, all vibe. Not sure why really, maybe because it is a part of every house that brings us all closer to each other-family unit like scheme, never mind. These samples here are something I have found and plan on building in the very near future..

These islands come in many shapes, colours and forms.Being wheeled up ( break supported wheels) it can be moved around at ease making this piece particularity useful around the house and even a garden.

Solid finish in the form of quality varnish ( several coats) would be desirable here, as the kitchen is the place of untold varieties of spills, spices (tumeric being the notorious stainer) and whatever else you like to work with:)