Big logs with the past

Still kind of obsessed with railways sleepers, there is something amazing about furniture made out of those bad boys. Combining this wood with other materials like concrete, all sorts of metal can bring modern looks into another level. This trend in design is being more present every year, I have visited many restaurants, pubs and businesses that fit their interior with this kind of work. Not to mention that anything built this way is basically forever, you would really have to try your best to damage it, nothing like cheap Ikea crap.

Sleepers come in different kinds, one that you should be looking for is hard wood, untreated and most importantly-looking great with mother mature aged looks. These can be purchased online, they are not very expensive, if you can salvage some-even better. Look for smell of diesel, as they were serving their time under tons of steel wheeling over. Make sure they free of that, then get cracking with some SHARP tools:)