Grey, weathered look still in demand

I have come full circle around to come back to natural, weathered, beat up looks to my project. Number of reasons why really, simplicity to recreate the mother nature is one, but the rustic, yet modern look to an old piece of wood makes the project stand out-plus it goes nicely with almost everything you have around the house.

Now, this kind of boards can be salvaged-get to the companies that handle scaffo, sometimes, they want to get rid off old boards-that is exactly what you could use for all these projects. If that is not an option-buy new scaffo boards and go to town with paints, stains, hammer and beat it up- I will  make a post on how to make those.

These thick boards can be lightly run through the thicknesser, but remember that taking too much off, will leave you with a plane looking piece of wood, then all design goes bye bye.