Baby cot, 3-wall levelled with mum`s bed.

My baby girl is growing so fast and moses basket is getting too small by the day. I have purchased 8 long boards at a local timber store, all dried and almost sterile for this project as babies like to munch on everything, it is expected for her to bite the cot as well.  When buying wood-take your time, choose ones that are most straight, you will be glad that you did later on. Especially if you do not own a thickness planer just yet;)

First you gotta cut all boards to size, using table saw and chop saw I made all cuts, sometimes I had to straighten some boards before I cut them to make sure I do not waste too much material.

Clean the boards before glue up, the saw dust can collect and make the panel crooked. I have glued the floor panel first, the temp outside comes up to 30 degrees and wood glue will dry pretty quick, few hours (4-6) later is good to go.

The floor panel is ready. There are few tiny cracks in there, which will be fixed using a nice trick I have picked up from one of my wood gurus-Izzy Swan on Youtube. If you take regular wood glue and put some into this crack, pack it in with your finger, then take some saw dust and do the same. It will close the gap and while sanding it down you will make this virtually impossible to spot.

Then there was time for side panels. I have repeated the method with one small difference: all boards will be routed on the sides to give an impression of division. Makes the panel look cool and does not have much impact on strength itself.

The bottom part (on demand of my girlfriend) had to be cut into half circle. I do not have a device to measure a perfect shape, but Youtube was helpful again, this is how you can make a compass of any size using a piece of scrap wood, screw and a pencil:

Then it is sanding and side boards installation that will make the cot much more sturdy and better looking as well.

I also made a empty wall under panel that will make this whole project strong better looking (no pics, forgot;() and cut the bolts to size with a reciprocating saw, later on I will paint the hardware black.

There you go, almost finished. I had learnt a very painful lesson working on this project. I was aware that wood (even dried) will contract or expand to some extend in order to adapt to the moisture in the air. Last week we experienced a wave of heat (over 35 Celsius) and inside my shop container I am sure, the temp rose up to 50 maybe more. I had left my panels for few days and after coming back-they all looked like a letter U. They bent like a pretzel. I managed to fix it up to a large extend, but it was horrible to see how much extra work I had to do. From now on-always clamp your glue ups to the work bench if you are leaving them inside of a scorching hot environment or any extreme circumstances for that matter.

I do debate whether I should install a frame for my tablet or not. I do not let my girl watch any TV, but you can put audio on it, e books, or just a cartoon of YOUR choice for her. Not sure, will see and post it here.

to be continued…




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