Pallet story continues

This growing trend of natural wood and rustic looking furniture seems to be gaining speed recently. It might be just looks, or quality (in comparison to cheap IKEA chipboard crap) or the individuality of each project, something unique and not so mainstream. In my opinion there is a lot to it really. I honestly think people are just tired, tired of crap, tired of boring designs, even to the point of wiling to pay loads of money to get something unique and high quality.

Is the pallet wood furniture the answer-not the ultimate answer that`s for sure, but it is a good start. Traditional furniture makers deliver wonderful pieces, but hardly ever unique, even ones that are highly advanced to build, are somehow boring (generalizing here).

For me personally, best part of working with this material is it`s ability to change, from form and shape to a variety of finishes, the list is way too long to put it here, but quite literally-your imagination is the only limitation within these boundaries.

Very popular are natural finishes, wood like structure is something people like to go after. I was at one of the Jamie Oliver`s restaurant recently and loads of interior was rough wood, some pieces would give you splinters but it all came together to make a warm and inviting rooms.

The internet is full of tutorials, many of these projects are baby easy to make, I started making those in my bathroom with only one saw until my girlfriend kicked me out and made me rent a shop.

One more thing worth mentioning though-this stuff comes free, pallets are virtually everywhere, break them down, clean them, dry them and off you go-if you mess something up-just pick up another one-no worries.



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