Coffee maker out of iron pipe and wood

This project is an original idea by Ben Uyeda-one of the people that truly inspires me in my wood working projects, you can find this at homemademodern, Ben`s website.

I used a piece of really nice wood for that, small board I had laying around my shop for a while. Iron pipe elements are simply screwed together-no need for any glues-this is not a hard bashing furniture.

First thing to do was to drill some holes for the glass tubes-wide 22 and a cordless drill took care of that-keep in mind not to drill through your bench tough.

The rest of it is really walk in the park, screw the iron pipes elements, screw them into the wooden deck and viola-job done.

The glass tubes needed some corks-I used wine cork, just needed to slim it down on my belt sander.

One, actually 2 last things to finish it off- put some teak oil to enhance the wood grain and clear coat-2, maybe 3 coats to make sure you can spill as much coffee on it as you like and not damage it.

All done, quick job.







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