Small pieces can make a big project

There are many ways to utilize even a smallest piece of nice wood, it is kind of wood worker obsession NOT to bin any wood at all. After awhile, you start collecting even the most weird pieces in hopes one day you will make something out of it. That day has to come once in a while, otherwise your shop will be getting smaller every month, until you start feeling like you sit in a Russian tank. These pics here are just few samples of what is possible to make out of seemingly rubbish looking scrap.

This below is my attepmt to create a coffee table out of these elements. Ii purposely choose many types of wood for this project, thus the top colours are so many. I have stained the whole top though, then sanded through with 180 grid and exposed the wood scaprs, looks kinda nice I think. Legs are made out of rescued 2×4`s I have picked up from my friendly shipping company that hooks me up with free wood on the regular basis-thanks guys!

I will take some proper pictures and post them again, this is really fun project, I have build the top slightly different way-but I will explain all in another post.