Every little helps…divestment continues.

How about instead of spending little more on useless crap we do not need-instead, we divest little more each year? Maybe planting a small garden where you could grow chives and other small things instead importing them from Peru (how is that for a mind f….k?!?!) Most people living in big cities think that this garden idea is a thing of a past, or at least a thing relevant to the people living in rural areas. Not necessarily I would say.  Of course the amount of space within a city place and a farm is nowhere near comparison, but trust me, there are ways of making in possible to eat a fresh carrot right off your soil.

Simple veg planters can be made out of pallet wood you can literally collect for free behind almost any shop in the city. Internet is full of instructional videos of how to build one of those and it does not require any sophisticated tools to accomplish that, almost caveman toolbox would be sufficient.

Once you have one of those, get some GMO free seeds and viola, pretty soon you will be eating something that not only tastes better but is certainly a lot more healthy for ya.





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