Stone and wood in harmony

Stone and wood, hard and soft combination can be something very interesting indeed. Texture and colours,  all in harmony creating not only visually attractive modern furniture, but also very practical and unbelievably durable items that will definitely withstand the test of time.

These items find their way into the houses, gardens even bedrooms and bathrooms. I have seen some amazing ideas that will make your go gaga and the best part is-they are not too difficult to make. Concrete is easy to work with considering you stick to basic rules of material and time frame this material allows to play with. Wood, especially reclaimed timber and its abundance is very forgiving as well, and the idea combinations are literally endless.

Now, concrete can be also applied on the floor, making it extremely durable and pretty as well. There is a way to acid stain the concrete thus making the minerals within the concrete mix react with the acid stain and bring soooo pretty colours up.

Staining process is not very hard, there are tons of tutorials online and acid stain is not very expensive.

Have fun;)


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