Sliding door project

This project is something I have been  working currently. Last few days I spent on building the support wall. Previously I had prepared most of my wood in my shop. I managed to reclaim some of the building materials, some I had to purchase-like 2×4`s and plywood to put under wall`s mosaic.  Every field trip is a lot more challenging as you have to transport a lot of equipment from your shop-big help is a detailed list made ahead of time, driving back through London in traffic to pick up something can be a pain in the butt.

Big help in building the mosaic wall is preparing all the planks to the same size, width and thickness, length will be adjusted on site. That makes the life a lot easier, although you must spend some time at the table saw.

Framing was the first thing to go-all the rest of it will be installed on that frame. Simple joinery, reinforced butt joints will serve the purpose. Light cherry sand wood varnish/stain was applied onto the frame.

Next step was the plywood screwed onto the frame support beams inside-I have installed them onto the wall and to the frame itself to give it a bit more strength.  Plywood is held by screws-no nails or glue-I wanted to make this project possible to reclaim back at some point in the future.

Planks go next, all pre-cut and pre-sanded needed just a cut to length, some glue and a nail gun to find their way onto the wall.  I have chosen many different types of wood for these,  many colours, all naturally aged, nail holes and cracks bring some cool character.

Teak oil was the last part for this section, brings the colours up a lot, at the very end, clear coat will be applied onto the whole project.

Next part was building the door-long boards and a vertical slit for the glass panel were put together with pocket screws. Top and bottom horizontal boards made this a lot more sturdy and provided additional support for the hardware.

These boards were reclaimed from shipping company in my local area, sanded and teak oiled to intensify natural colours, nothing else. Being in close proximity to a mosaic wall they had to be simple and natural looking, otherwise this whole project would look like a mish-mash.

The only things that are still coming are door handle and a glass panel, it was a fun project.


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