Spend some time at the computer daily?

If you`re one of the people who spend tons of time at the computer and you like rustic wood-these samples could accommodate your needs and give you ideas of what is out there possible to build or simply buy.

Comfort is a priority number one for most people, but if you could get away with comfy desk that also looks amazing-then why not. Great thing about bespoke furniture is that you can order them precisely the way you want, design, size, materials, finish etc.

Pallet wood and barn wood seems to be the choice for a lot of these ideas, but really-there are no limits to your imagination, pipe legs, metal hardware and all sorts of goodies can be implemented in this kind of work.

I personally love the ones with pipe legs and wine boxes as drawers, simple, yet interesting, walnut finish, maybe some sanding before applying clear coat. Have fun.




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