Another life for a wine barrel.

Wine barrels are not the easiest item to find, but if you manage to buy one and it is still in good condition-you can turn it into a cool furniture that will spin some heads around. Characteristic curvature of wood and beautiful colours add a lot of character into design making it something that is not seen too often.

From a coffee table, chairs into the lamp ideas and even sink incorporated into a wine barrel. Those ideas are not only worth noticing-they are fun to make. Curved wood looks pretty, but it makes it a bit more difficult to work with as your options to shape the boards are somehow limited-you will not be able to put the board though a planer for example, that means a lot more manual work.

Those barrels perfectly accommodate metal hardware , they have been designed to use those elements as a strengthening addition and leaving them on can be a wise decision.

So, if you ever come across a wine barrel-do not pass it, get it home and have fun, those items can be a nice addition to your home, garden or a shop.



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