Hanging out in the kitchen.

When I was growing up, for some reason kitchen was THE place to hang out. When we had people coming over to see my parents, instead of sitting in the living room, they all seemed to be drawn into the kitchen.  Back then living in central Europe resources were somehow limited and traditional cheap, cardboard crap was on the menu. Today is different, we have got tons of options, and surprisingly people go back to roots more often, wood, reclaimed timber and such are on the rise being a good sign in my opinion.

I especially like the islands-those free standing units that have a stove/cooker incorporated in them. A nice addition to that is a ceiling mount sort of island-for all your pans etc.

I will not be too original opting for dark walnut finish, but I think these colours look really nice with all kitchen appliances.

Also thick, wooden cupboards, mounted or free standing give this “good`ol farm house” feeling that brings some warmth into the place.




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