Connection era-producing what?

It is a fact that this time in human history belongs to connectivity, the industrial era has passed, leaving us with modern technology and tons of cool and useful inventions. But there is a lot more to this, we have come to a place where we hold a HDTV in the palm of a hand and yet- I personally know quite a few people who do not know how to change a friggin` light bulb, let alone fix something or build anything.


We can connect with our friends across the world in a split of a second and we do not develop any life skills at all. We come to order most of the stuff online, we buy everything, most cheap crap from China, our ability to support life has come nearly to zero.

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I have people-teenagers in my family that spend most of their time on Facebook, they have never kicked a football or climbed a tree, their bodies are weak and fragile and stamina is non existing. Sad but true, today young people open their mouth seeing some gorilla style invention, any hand work becomes a challenge, and logical thinking is being replaced by Google.

Where am I going with all this-companies like Facebook, Twitter and plenty more are worth billions of dollars and yet-when you really think of it-they do not produce anything. True, they can be a tool to connect with people and thus help get your business more advertising but in itself-their worth it somehow illusionary. If I wake up tomorrow and Facebook is gone-my life will not change at all. I will still have hot water, light, food and all I need to function, I will barely notice their disappearance. Try doing that with your agriculture dept, or water plant, or lets get rid of plumbers tomorrow-you will see where life essentials really exist.

I am not mocking any of these businesses or people working there-just to be clear, I am although advocating teaching and learning some more useful skills that tapping a phone or posting pictures.  Does it have to be wood work-hell no, it can be just about anything, as long as it develops life skills, imagination, creativity and such, not merely staring at the screen or watching celebrity crapola.

Just my 2 cents into this web obsessed world…


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