Split the ceiling with rustic wood.

Ceiling beams can be a nice addition to the whole design, they can be finished in many ways to suit the interior, I personally like the idea of naturally aged wood, if you can savage the material off course.

Wooden beams can be installed on the bare ceiling, wall, angled wall or can be an addition into a rustic board ceiling. There are many options available and this below is a little hack that can make the pallet wood boards look like a seriously heavy beam.

These 3 wall boxy thing will be installed on the ceiling simply with brad nails, mitre cut makes sure no visible end grain is present and with a little sand paper and some stain it can really pull the trick and fool the eye into perceiving it as a nice, fat beam. One more good thing coming from this hack-it is a lot lighter than a really heavy wood beam.

Once support beam is installed onto the ceiling-it can be fresh 2×4 or even something bit smaller-we take a brad nailer and go to town-shoot the boxy beam on. I suggest to finish the wood before installing onto the ceiling, sanding and staining while it is on-might be harder than you think;)



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