Reclaim your floor.

The idea of reclaimed wood installed on floor is not new by far, what is new-is the popularity of this concept. More and more people find this particular design in demand, despite a whole range of traditional hard wood flooring widely available. What`s the trick in all that-I think it is the world wide trend of being tired of “good`ol well travelled path” so to speak.

If you can afford a traditional hard wood floor, you can definitely put some effort into getting one made entirely from reclaimed wood. Some of those can be pricey, I seldom buy wood in a reclaimed depot, they usually charge a fair amount of money for things like old scaffolding wood boards, barn wood etc. Reason being is that takes a considerable amount of work to salvage wood, some equipment that is not cheap and man hours to make this all happen.

But the effect speaks for itself, the minute you walk into a house with this kind of floor, you get-well-“floored”. It is a quite unique way to fit your living room, or any room for that matter. Best part of it all-as opposed to “ready to install” hard wood panels-with these boards, you can play Picasso if you like. I mean, there a many ways of colouring reclaimed wood to make it look absolutely awesome, so got to town mate, grab some spray paint, some stains and varnishes and let it rip, do what you like with it.


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