Display units for another shop owner.

These units are part of the new clothing design shop that will be soon open at Elephant and Castle. I picked them up (4 in total) in order to give them a bit of a rustic up scale.

The owner chose to build the small boards all around the units, I carefully selected many types of wood for this project so after it is all done and sanded, it does get this colour distinctive effect. Boards were cut to small size, so the entire project was truly time consuming and labour intense, but it was well worth it.

I also installed some shelving in one of the units and 2 sets of led light tape in others. The warm white light really gives away this nice glow without altering the colours of clothing inside.

Teak oil was applied over all wooden elements to bring the colours up a bit and some clear satin varnish to protect the wood.

Fun project, it is a way to keep your favourite furniture and give the a make over to fit their new environment, the rustic way off course:)



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