Iron pipe table, work in progress.

This shop style table is made out of reclaimed boards that have been coloured with black chalkboard spray paint and few different kinds of stains. All saw mill marks are preserved and after application of stain-they nicely pop out making each board look unique. Mosaic is installed on a piece of thin plywood that I had in my shop, and bottom is reinforced with long, thick board running across to the top design, giving the whole piece super strong quality.

It is a good idea to paint the base plywood with similar colour as the top, or at least close to it, if there are any tiny gaps between the boards, it will naturally blend with the whole top.

All these boards look pretty much the same-plain and rough, but through application of spray paint BEFORE sanding it down-paint stays in the board, especially inside the saw mill groves preserving these cool features.

To be continued…

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