Heavy duty- redefine concrete.

My next project idea is a bit off the mainstream-at least when it comes to home furniture. But as we can see around-more and more unorthodox ideas are finding their way into our homes. And for a good reason though, old and boring IKEA crap is at the end of it`s lifespan, at least in my book.

This is where concrete comes into play, yes-it does sound weird, but almost all in here is different though, so no surprise. Concrete tops, slabs, carcasses and other bits, fit with rustic/reclaimed wood can make a furniture that will make your eyes pop out.

Is that an easy process-hard to say, I intend to play around with this concept within next few weeks, so I will post an update. In the meantime check this guy out: Ben Uyeda on Youtube. He makes this look so easy though:

If there is one thing to say about this concept-it is unique, for a number of reasons really, one-not too many people have skills and time to make those, and two-with this material-just like with the wood-sky is the limit, only one thing to remember-concrete is NOT as forgiving as the wood, trust me. Make sure you think things through before you fill up your concrete form;)


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