Value, things we “need”…

Sometimes I slow down for a minute to take a look how so called modern society has organized itself, what we value the most and what drives us to get up in the morning and go to work. What kind of work is not important at this point, what is important is what we are spending our money on.

I might be just me, but I have noticed that the stuff we buy, is of less and less quality. Everything, from cars to clothes to electronics to even food, wouldn`t you say? Furniture is my thing and when I see what kind of crap is being produced and sold makes me want to yell-wtf people?!


We have been conditioned to want everything cheap, as cheap as possible, but this idea has a major flaw and I would say pretty important- CHEAP SHIT IS NOT QUALITY! Cheap and solid/quality does not even belong in the same sentence, something produced with shit materials, in the shit company can not be of hight quality-period!

So why people nowadays are looking for quantity instead of quality, for labels instead of true value. I have bought ( yeah, I was like that one day) several items of famous designers (clothing) just to see this shit fall apart quicker that I ever thought is possible. Paid top dollars to chuck this to garbage real quick, but hey, Dolce and Gucci was on me for a while, I had to spend long time at work, time out of my life that could have been spent on something amazing and worth remembering-instead it was a jacket with some guy`s name on it that ended up in a bin. Stupid of me is a real understatement.  3

What is value then? Is it  something that will serve us for a long time, the same way it was intended by the designer and made properly, or something we see on tv, something that is literally overpriced shit but marketed by a famous guy, or a pretty famous girl you know, new age religion-celebrities?

I leave that to you then, after all, it is you who spends time working to buy things that should make you happy:)

One of all times favourites-George Carlin put it right, miss ya G..:



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