Cast iron wheel wall lamp.

I have made this lamp from a very unique, aged wood I picked up a while ago, comes from the attic refurbishment, full of rusty nails and beautiful colour. Only light sanding is allowed in order to preserve this colour, 80 grid to start and 180 to finish, plus some hand sanding. These boards were not planned so they are slightly bent, but a naked eye can not pick this up.

The wheel comes from Poland, my dad actually bought this for me and sent it over. Those items are kind of pricey here, you are looking to spend about £ 40 on a block itself.  Twisted yellow wire, brass light bulb fixture and a wall hook to get the wire nice and straight.

Really cool project, still awaiting the cage for the light bulb ( Edison bulb), miter cuts on each board and nothing but teak oil to bring the colours up a bit.

This item is for sale- £ 120 including delivery ( UK only)


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