Lift company and free wood.

These fresh, thick pine boards come from a company that sells commercial lifts. Each lift comes in a big wooden box, made out of rough wood, fresh from the mill, yes-with all blade marks that are so sought after.

These guys are super nice and let me harvest these boards on regular basis, break them, de nail them and dry them-ready to use. They are happy as well, some of these boards are broken and not very fit to use by them again, so I clean them up….and this is where they end up:

This unit is made out the boards I reclaimed from that lift company. Light sanding makes it soft to touch, but all mill marks, saw marks were saved to give this piece a real rustic unit. Metal corners and 5 meter led light installed in the back of the wall bring nice touch and serves the dual purpose, lights up the room and led lights  take next to nothing of electricity. Walnut combo-stain/varnish looks really cool. I highly recommend these products, you get the colour you want and protection in on swing.


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