Light`em up. Piping.

I have decided to make a separate category for these cool ideas of industrial/vintage lights. I am currently working on few projects myself, will post all when done. In the meantime, take a look at these ideas, I think this is an awesome way to make your room, bedroom, kitchen stand up. A lamp like this can change the design in one swoop, mix it up with some rustic wood, some vintage/antique finish and there you go-a brand new place to enjoy.

These are mostly done out of cast iron piping, In my opinion the dark one looks the best and if you buy new-there is no need for any paint job or cleaning action. I  think 1/2 inch is enough for decent size lamp design, if you go bigger-the lamp starts weighting much and honestly there is no need for pipes to be fat-they do not get abused much like a table or shelving unit.

Another interesting material for such projects is copper. I have visited my B&Q recently and found a fair amount of copper to make almost any lamp you wish. It is not the cheapest material, but it is worth the money, take a look at those:

Looks cool I think. These funky light bulbs are called Tesla`s and you can get them on ebay for about £7, £8 pounds a pop. Also on ebay you can buy the the fixture, I mostly buy standard E27 that fits many kinds of bulbs.