The level of involvement.

With any project made out of recycled wood, the design will dictate how much effort you will be putting into your work. You can go from simple stuff that requires basic tools and basic skills, like those down here. It is minimalist style, but it works I think, especially combined  with some expensive electronics, hi-tech toys and such. Weird but cool combination of rough wood and metal along with the wireless tv`s and blue ray.

But if you like to dig into your toolbox a bit more, you can create something that is very advanced and the finish applied is far beyond what IKEA can offer. Now, working with reclaimed wood is not an easy job, especially due to the fact that the wood is-well-used, abused and the whole 9 yards. Most of it is bent, twisted bowed and whatever else can be done to wood board. If you own a stationary planner-great ( make sure to take the nails out first, or your blades go bye bye). But if you do not own one of these bad boys-then get something into your head now, before you get frustrated: THERE WILL BE NO PERFECT JOINERY-period. It will be damn close to perfect, but not pin point accuracy-or you go banana trying to square and straighten ever bit of your work piece.

But hey, look at those, made out of reclaimed wood though:

It all depends what are you after, how much time you got n you hands and how much of a challenge you give yourself. Or on a client that is willing to pay good money to get something unique.