Bringing back to life with colours.

Have you got any furniture at home, that is just plain boring? Or something that you have had for so long, you kinda want to get rid of it, but never got around to it-maybe sentimental reasons?

There are few ways, that can bring this piece back into a spotlight, few simple painting techniques that can literally change your opinion and spark a new love for it. Check this out, there are tons of this kind of stuff online, Youtube is a great source though. This can be done with a very limited resource, you can visit your B&Q and go straight to paint department and get your hands on sale, just like this one:

Those are dirt cheap, samples, sprays and cans full of cool paint and look at the price-next to nothing. Evertime I am in there for any reason-I pass by these sales, I have acquired a sizeable collection for few quid really, that allows me to experiment and play around-without worry of wasting too much money.

Look at this video, it really does not take much to change an old furniture (or new) into something that has this unique look to it, kid of your own input.


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