Playing with colours and textures

I have started experimenting with different ideas of wood finish, from variety of stains, paints to multiple layers and textures. What you see on these pictures are examples of these experiments. The idea of crackling paint, two colours coming through to the surface via designed cracks-really cool idea I saw on Youtube.

This process is literally baby easy to make. All you do is choose the base colour first-the one that you would like to see through the cracks, then apply fair amount of school glue,  then (I use foam brush) apply your top coat. But remember-put the top coat BEFORE the glue dries out, that is critical to remember. The glue will start drying before the top coat will and that will bring the cracks out exposing the bottom/base colour.

Check this video for details instructions:


Another thing I had tried yesterday was chalkboard paint as a base, in other words-ebonizing fresh pine board before applying stain or oils. I have bought on sale (£ 4) this particular paint, and it does work magic. As oppose to the regular brush on paint-this is super efficient (spray) and gets into every crack, line and hole-instantly, without any deposits or drips. 10 min late is dry, ready to process, truly amazing stuff.

The whole process takes minutes really. 180 grid sand paper on my mouse sander exposed the fresh wood back into light. Top part of this sample board has been stain with walnut (2 coats).


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