This is a really funky project, my friend came up with the idea of this design. He loves playing chess and thought up this table that would be an extension of his beloved handmade chessboard. Really clever, original concept.

Material for this table is a combination of different sources, legs are made out of attic wood, I picked up at the construction site, carcass is made from nice long boards I found at some store and salvaged them whole.

this is very strong wood, used for shipping large goods, been through some abuse, will fit perfectly for the purpose.

I built the carcass in the way to support the large display drawer, my friend is a tailor and he will be displaying some of the merchandise he has got for sale in it. Dimmed glass will fill the inside if the table and some led lights under the top.

There is some 18 mm plywood I used for the carcass and the top- this material is extremely strong and will make this table durable way beyond its purpose.

The table will assemble nicely with the chessboard, a mosaic on top and bottom will make this project a lot more interesting. Few coats of walnut will be applied and varnish for protection.

I will post few pictures when I am done with this. Really this is by far the most customised item I have built. be continued


Couple more pictures of the table nearly finished. The glass fits perfectly into the cut out, flush with the top, 3 coats of walnut stain bring the colours nicely.

I will post some proper pictures of the chessboard table at the client`s office, turned out to be quite interesting idea and fun to make.


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