A trip to unknown..to get exactly what you need

I made a trip to a very interesting place yesterday-reclaimed wood depot. This place is almost in the centre of a big city, kind of hidden away, behind rusty fence, but oh boy-it is a treat in itself.  For anyone else this place looks like a wooden dump- but it hides true treasure for any woodworker.

All kinds of wood, from big logs, to thick railway sleepers, almost any type of wood,  including exotic. It is a tricky thing to spot it, all of these  boards are covered in dirt,  mud and so on. But a closer look, maybe at the cut off piece will reveal its origins. Those guys working there take their time to pull all nails out before they sell it to you, but it will not hurt to check the boards at the shop, before you put them through your table saw.

One more thing I was amazed about- the street next to this lumber yard-was absolutely full of wood, one the sides, piles and piles of cut in half trees, big branches, small boards, pallets etc.

Now, do not just go and pick up whatever you like, ask some people before you get yourself locked up for theft. But most of the time, these guys let you take what you need, it is rotting there anyway, so why not use to build something cool?

Ready to work:


This wood has been prepared-cut to size and put through the planner-all included in the price. This was not cheap by any means, it is £10 a meter for the board an inch thick and 230 millimetres wide. So although I am buying wood- I stick to my business model-all reclaimed wood.

And this is what this wood will be used for, just few pictures of progress.

This will be a book shelve unit, all elements able to manoeuvre, you can stack them anyway you like. It needs a finish, teak oil and clear satin would be perfect for that I think.




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