Amazing way to “warm” the wall the rustic style.

This concept has been around for a while now, but lately it seems to spring back to life as more and more designers pick up this industrial trend.  All these pictures you see below are of projects mostly made out of re purposed/pallet wood. All the counter walls and room walls are fit with this rustic looking mosaic that in my opinion really brings something interesting into the equation.

The process of fitting these panels is not that complicated, depends what kind of original wall you planning to up scale. My personal opinion is to have some frame or some plywood installed on the drywall before you start assembling the pallet wood, for couple of reasons. One is that you will avoid making hundreds of nail holes in the wall, second-it will be more sturdy, but in the end it is personal preference, as you can see on this video, these guys are installing panels straight onto the wall.

It is a time consuming process but not as much as installing the panels, but breaking down pallets and pepping all material, once you bring it over to the designated area-work speeds up and you end up with this cool looking wall.

You can find tons of tutorials of how to do it, and most of all-you would only need some basic tools to get this done, worth trying I think.



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