Real wood photo background- pics of progress

This oak flooring turned into a photo background is almost done. I have removed (sanded off) the top layer off the wood to get rid off shiny/gloss surface, not so sought after by photo specialists.

The entire project consist of 4 parts, click on connection makes it very easy to work with and provides few options when it comes to walls combinations. You can set it up anyway you like and secure the back with zip straps. The back of the vertical wall is equipped with a a handle and anti slippery standing aid that allows it to be placed on every surface.

A piece of anti-slippery rubber was glued onto supporting bit and it can be fit behind the handle for transport.  Top was sanded off with 80 grid, and followed by 120 to ensure smooth yet non-glossy surface, couple of layers of walnut stain were applied.

As a last bit- a 180 grid target sanding exposed some of the shades and grains from underneath the stain, I will post some more pictures when I finish this project.

Best part of it all again-it is a real wood, this will not fold up, crack or rip like vinyl, and if you take care of it-it will last you a lifetime. You can even change the finish if you like, grab a sander and take the colour off-then apply what you want, try doing that with vinyl;)




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