Steer away from mediocre.

The main objective of this website is to kind of jump start the creative part of our minds. I somehow truly believe that we are not separate from one another, and somehow-any of us can tap into this collective consciousness of creativity. This can be done virtually in every aspect of our daily existence, mine happens to be wood working. In my opinion, this is not as much about the particular field, but about the capacity of the brain to constantly produce ideas regardless of the surrounding environment you happen to find yourself in.

This video below presents an idea for an oil lamp, one that I would definitely put in my own house, or would like to see in some restaurant, take a look.

These piping can be purchased online, or the nearest B&Q, not very expensive. I have bought some special texture spray paint that will make these look like a cast iron-absolutely beautiful. 3 and a half minute to put this together, nice one.




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