Why bother.

Sometimes when I present my business model to some people, especially ones that are not so keen on any manually challenging ideas-I am being asked this question: why bother making stuff, why not just buy things?

Buying things is fun off course, but in this day and age, when you really think about what it is that you get in return for your labour (money) you can come up with a simple conclusion-crap.  Yes, unless you are in the upper echelon of society, you do not have to work hard and have really big money-you are going to buy very temporary things, usually with the lifespan of flower, that nobody cares about to water.  Loads of stuff on today`s market is designed (on purpose) to break and be disposed really quick, why-to boost the economy, by creating the necessity to purchase more. Yup, today`s  model of growth can be summed up this way:

1.use more resources like oil, trees, land etc.

2.produce more short lived items using those resources.

3.make sure to buy more when they do break.


That`s it, if you can do this quicker than any other country-you are being successful, madness it seems to be on the agenda in today`s world.


So, think about it: it is very possible that you get up every morning and do the job you do not like, just to make a living. From Monday to Friday, many hours a day, spent away from your loved ones, to make money to pay bills and buy stuff. The little extra you have-you go and buy things. Things that are cheap, China made crap that ends up in the landfill with the speed of light, and then you go and bust your chops again working long hours…to buy those things yet again. So on and so forth…


If this is not the definition of insanity, I don`t know what is.

Instead buying cheap crap-save up and buy proper things, things that will last for many years to come, or build them yourself. Build them the way you like them, out of things you want to have around your house. That option is definitely mine, and I am happy to share my projects with you guys.


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